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Sentani International Airport is located in Lake Sentani, about 23 km west of the city of Jayapura, the capital of the Indonesian province of Papua on the island of New Guinea. It is currently flown exclusively by domestic flights.
Sentani is the only remaining airport of three airports landscaped by the Japanese army on the north side of Sentanimeer. However, in 1939, the Dutch already began to equalize the site at Ifar at Sentanimer for the construction of a future airport.
The Japanese conquered the territory of the Dutch in April 1942, setting up thousands of Javanese rhinos from early 1943 to launch three airports with four runways in the Sentani and Dojo plains. At the most western (with two runways), 51 bombings were made 24 large west side and 27 smaller east side. For the air defense four light guns were placed, which were later upgraded.
In April 1944, the United States, Operation Reckless, was deployed to conquer the area after a US submarine was sinking a number of Japanese ships at Palau, causing a large amount of modern Japanese tanks, Armored vehicles, a regiment of troops and other supplies destined for Hollandia. Over 55,000 men infantry, including a KNIL unit from Australia led by colonel C. Giebel, then landed in the first US operation within Dutch India. The invasion was preceded by an air attack on the Japanese airports on April 10, with 400 aircraft destroyed and heavy craters beaten in the airports.
From July 1945 Hollandia and Cyclops were used as reserve airports and then left to their fate, on which they gradually grew. On a part of Cyclops, a housing block of Sentani was later built. Sentani was retained as the only airport and then transformed into a domestic airport for civil aviation. Sentani subsequently expanded to Papua's main airport.


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Most flights take place within Indonesia, including Jakarta, but flights to Port Moresby and other airports in Papua New Guinea are also carried out.
Also, Sentani is the base for at least four missionary organizations using aviation in their work.

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The city of Jayapura is located on the northern Pacific coast at Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly Humboldt Bay) near the border to Papua New Guinea. The urban area stretches over its entire width of more than 20 kilometers, in its narrowly populated district Muara Tami, to the international border, which runs right here at the 141st Meridian East. In the west, Heram district reaches as far as the shores of Lake Sentani, which is already part of the Jayapura district. To the south lies the government district of Keerom, in the north the Pacific Ocean.
The northern part of Dutch New Guinea was occupied by forces of the Japanese Empire in 1942. Allied orces expelled the Japanese after an amphibious invasion of Hollandia between 21 and 27 April 1944. The area served as quartél for General Douglas MacArthur that conquered Philippines in March of 1945. Over twenty American bases were established and half a million Americans came to the area.
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Address: Sentani Kota, Sentani, Jayapura, Papua 99359, Indonesia
Phone:+62 967 591107